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Hi Ellie,

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>> > Sebastian, is there anything you tried that *didn't* work, and if so,
>> > what happened?
>> The only thing I tried that didn't work was to add a IPv6 listener and
>> to  HUP the master process. The manpage for master reads (in my version):
>>        Cyrus-master rereads its configuration file when it receives a
>> hangup signal, SIGHUP.   Services  and
>>        events  may be added, deleted or modified when the configuration
>> file is reread.  Any active services
>>        removed from the configuration file will be allowed to run until
>> completion.
>> From that it isn't obvious that some class of changes to cyrus.conf
>> apparently require a restart of the service.
> I've been looking through master/master.c to see what it actually does,
> and it looks like it matches this documentation.
> It does have some commentary in reread_conf() about recycling services
> that have not been removed nor were newly added, which almost sounds as
> if it might have this sort of effect... except that, digging into
> add_service(), it will only reuse entries if their name, listen and
> proto all match (which if you've changed one to IPv6, it won't), and
> otherwise it will be added as a new service (and so reread_conf() will
> treat it as a newly added service, not an existing one to recycle).
> I'm pretty tired, and so probably not reading it as closely as I could
> otherwise -- maybe there's a bug or subtlety I've missed -- but: it at
> least /looks like it intends to/ do what the documentation says.  So
> it's interesting that it didn't.

after thinking about it, I think it's like this: I added a service that was 
configured to listen on a privileged port. But master has dropped 
privileges by that point, so it can't add such a listener. I just 
double-checked that I *can* add a listener at run-time if it's set up to 
listen to a non-privileged port. Obvious in hindsight, but perhaps worth a 
note anyway.

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