Request: Please sign this list's messages via DKIM or SPF

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Mon Apr 4 11:42:05 EDT 2016

Zitat von Binarus via Info-cyrus <info-cyrus at>:

> Dave,
> On 04.04.2016 13:22, Dave McMurtrie wrote:
>>> the messages which are being sent from this mailing list's server  
>>> don't seem to be protected by SPF or signed by DKIM. Are there  
>>> plans to implement at least one of these in the near future?
>> We currently have no plans to implement either, but I can put it on our
>> list of things to do.
> Thank you very much for considering.
> Due to the exponential increase of spam, we generally have to reject  
> all messages which are not secured by SPF or DKIM, and we know a lot  
> of other people who do the same (by the way, this has proven to be  
> extremely effective in our case). When our MTA encounters such a  
> message, it rejects it and returns a bounce message to the pretended  
> sender, notifying him about the problem.

You are for sure aware that neither SPF nor DKIM are able or designed  
to fight Spam. In fact more than half of the Spam reaching our inboxes  
are valid according DKIM/SPF so we even might reduce spam by rejecting  
DKIM/SPF signed mail.
DKIM/SPF does only include that the sending server is mandated by DNS  
to send mail for the given domain and this is easily done with all  
modern spammer tools.

But this is also OT here



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