2.4.17 --> 2.5.3 Some mail folders no longer accessible

Konrad Mauz kmauz at htwg-konstanz.de
Wed Sep 23 01:25:20 EDT 2015

Am 22.09.2015 12:01, schrieb Patrick Goetz:
> Upgrading from 2.4.17 to 2.5.3 resulted in one very strange problem.
> Some of the users have a large number of nested mail folders.  After the
> upgrade, exactly one user found that some of his folders (say 3 out of
> 30) are now inaccessible.  In Thunderbird they show up, but are greyed
> out.  If you try to subscribe to the folder, the subscribe checkbox is
> missing.  In roundcube they aren't visible at all.

Hi Patrick,

have you checked the contents of the subscription file for that user and
if all the entries in the subscription file are really valid mailfolders?



> This is pretty clearly a permissions problem of some kind.  The question
> is how could this happen and what's the least painless way of going
> about resetting the permissions so that he has access to these folders
> again?
> We're not doing anything fancy; for example, there are no shared
> folders; independent email addresses are configured for shared mail
> content and configured in the MUA.  The problem folders are in an
> unshared account.
> Also, the manifestation of the permissions problem isn't consistent
> across the affected folders.  As reported by the user:
> Archives Staff:  grayed out, cannot see email
> Archives Staff Retreat:  not grayed out, cannot see email, when you
> click on it, it says the action cannot be completed because the account
> does not exist
> General Convention Office:  not grayed out, can see email, when you
> click on it, it says the action cannot be completed because the account
> does not exist.
> Thanks.
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