not all folders are shown in the subscription list

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Sep 9 15:01:10 EDT 2015

On 09/09/15 14:41 +0100, Sunny wrote:
>Several user have permissions to view a range of shared folders on an
>imap server, when subscribing to these folders some users do not see
>some of these shared folder names in the subscription list (thus unable
>to subscribe) and for other users they can see the folders listed in the
>subscription list. For the users that can't see I usually have to
>rebuild the MSF (which doesn't really work in this situation) or remove
>the tb profile and add it again (email profiles are headers only and not
>downloaded to the local profile) this usually works as it's rebuilding
>everything from scratch. Any advice what is happening or solutions to
>fix this?
>Running latest version of TB.

This is another good fit for telemetry logging, which should show you the
list of folders being returned to the client. That output would be
invaluable to the developers when opening a ticket (with whichever project
is to blame).

If you believe this is a bug in Cyrus, you can file it here:

Dan White

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