editing sieve scripts via command line

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Hi Sunny,

Am Montag, 7. September 2015, 10:06:28 schrieb Sunny:
> If the sieve script gets edited via command line (i.e. using vi) the 

What do you mean with "vi"? 

Editing script directly in place of the cyrus filesystem is not unserstood afaik. 

You have to load/fetch the script over SIEVE into cyrus (i.e. the users account), AFTER/BEFORE you edit it by i.e. vi. locally.

Cyrus byself "compiles" and handles  the scripts on it's own way internally - so far it is not a good idea to modify the scripts in the file system of cyrus.

> changes are not seen in GUI and the changes doesn't take effect so I'm 
> wondering if there is some other process that needs to run to inform 
> cyrus the sieve script has been updated and to reload?

Do you forget to "activate" your script?

Users are able to store multiple scripts in their account, but have to "activate" one to get one working or "deactivate" for disabling it.

See i.e. "sieveshell" help output for details.

  sieveshell [-u username] [-a authname] [-r realm] <server>

help  - this screen
list - list scripts on server
put <filename> [<target name>]  - upload script to server
get <name> [<filename>] - get script. if no filename display to stdout
delete <name>  - delete script.
activate <name>  - set a script as the active script
deactivate - deactivate all scripts
quit - quit

hth a bit
many thanks,


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