using cassandra as backend storage instead of filesystem

Bron Gondwana brong at
Tue Sep 1 01:02:50 EDT 2015

Yes - Raymond and the OpenIO team are working on this at the moment.  Not
Cassandra specifically - we're looking at a filesystem backend and the OpenIO
object store first, but general enough to plus other object stores as well.

I'm also doing some work on rewriting some of the internal datastructures to
be more friendly to being stored in an external database rather than the binary
internal formats that Cyrus uses.


On Tue, Sep 1, 2015, at 14:52, Ram wrote:
> We have been using cyrus for quiet sometime now. I guess , now we have 
> to move from traditional file based storage to more distributable models 
> like cassandra
> The benefits are tremendous , since that automatically provides for 
> hardware redundancy and scalability.
> For even slightly large setups , typically more that 200+ users using 
> cyrus with multiple servers becomes necessary both for redundancy and 
> performance.
> Current methods , using NGINX proxy etc are kludgy, and dont provide 
> real redundancy in h/w terms.
> If Cyrus could use a cassandra like backed to store the mails and 
> probably use cassandra lucene index then we could scale to any number of 
> users easily.
> Is there any work going on , on these lines?
> I guess similar work is going on for dovecot imap servers, quick google 
> search did lead to some results
> Thanks
> Ram
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