using cassandra as backend storage instead of filesystem

Ram ram at
Tue Sep 1 00:52:34 EDT 2015

We have been using cyrus for quiet sometime now. I guess , now we have 
to move from traditional file based storage to more distributable models 
like cassandra
The benefits are tremendous , since that automatically provides for 
hardware redundancy and scalability.

For even slightly large setups , typically more that 200+ users using 
cyrus with multiple servers becomes necessary both for redundancy and 
Current methods , using NGINX proxy etc are kludgy, and dont provide 
real redundancy in h/w terms.

If Cyrus could use a cassandra like backed to store the mails and 
probably use cassandra lucene index then we could scale to any number of 
users easily.
Is there any work going on , on these lines?

I guess similar work is going on for dovecot imap servers, quick google 
search did lead to some results


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