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Tue Sep 16 18:02:49 EDT 2014

Dumb question - but I don't suppose anything happened to your clock recently?

More non-dumb question, what version of Cyrus?


On Wed, Sep 17, 2014, at 05:18 AM, Stephen Ingram wrote:

Each of our user's Trash folders have an expiration of 30 days set using cyr_adm. Recently, one of the mailboxes began losing messages before the 30 days. Viewing mboxconfig inside cyradm for the user's Trash folder clearly shows: expire 30. I tried removing the value and re-setting it to no avail. The mailbox now only holds 14 days worth of email.

We don't use delayed expunge on the system. Is there any other setting I might be missing that could be causing the mail to be removed prematurely?



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