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Wed Mar 26 17:46:32 EDT 2014

On Mar 26, 2014, at 14:40 , Dan White <dwhite at> wrote:

> If your cyrus sasl was compiled as shared libraries, you can delete the
> library from your disk to prevent it from loading (pluginviewer -a should
> confirm).

Hrmmm … this is all ‘pluginviewer -a’ shows … shouldn’t sql be listed?

Installed and properly configured auxprop mechanisms are:
List of auxprop plugins follows
Plugin "sasldb" ,       API version: 8
        supports store: yes

but, removing the libsasldb.* files does correct the issue .. but, disadvantage there is that I have to remember to do this on next upgrade, since it will re-install those … adding the empty sasldb2.db file in is ‘safer’ long term …

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