Empty folders

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Tue Dec 30 05:24:02 EST 2014

On 12/30/14 07:10, Niels Dettenbach (Syndicat IT & Internet) wrote:
> Am 29. Dezember 2014 23:02:10 MEZ, schrieb Andrea Venturoli <ml at netfence.it>:
>> cyradm dm does not delete this folder (and its files) from the
>> filesystem.
> This is OK as long as you clearify for  you  that  there  is no folder before  you recreate the cyrus  folder  from/over  cyrus  again - means: delete it by hand (rm) if still there.
>> _ restore the old cyrus.* files.
> This should be done by reconstruct  -r -f  over  the (correct) folders - if not, you still have  any problem in your setup or procedure as this command  must work for general/further proper cyrus functionality.

Thanks again.

In fact I found a faster procedure:
_ dm "user.A.B.D" (this won't delete anything);
_ stop imapd;
_ reconstruct -r -f user.A (this will discover the folders I just only 
formally deleted);
_ start imapd;
_ restore permissions for user.A*.

>> Only thing, I'll have to script this, since I've got a lot of
>> problematic folders...
> arrgh, sound's timeconsuming -  so good luck...  Personally i prefer perl with the  "official"  cyrus  imap/admin perl modules  for any cyrus scripting.

Could you share a pointer?
I'm not proficient with perl, but I'd gladly look into them anyway.

> If  don't know the reason behind the problem it may make sense to generate database dumps of the mboxlist
 > by cron from time to time and check if  there further such bad 
folders  get generated by a script or similiar.

I don't know where the problem originated from, so I'll check a number 
of times in the next few days/weeks.

However I'm suprised: looking into cyrus imap as a black box, it's 
almost like it has two databases for the same things.

  bye & Thanks

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