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Thu Dec 18 08:08:47 EST 2014

Hello Patrick and Cyrus friends,

I have used imapsync to transfer the imap data from computer1 to computer2.
Though this was more difficult than expected. The following worked:

/usr/local/bin/imapsync --host1 --user1 MyName --port1 143 --password1 MASKED --tls1 --authmech1 PLAIN --host2 --user2 MyName --port2 143 --password2 MASKED --tls2 --authmech2 PLAIN

The following did not work:

/usr/local/bin/imapsync --host1 --user1 MyName --port1 993 --password1 MASKED --tls1 --authmech1 PLAIN --host2 --user2 MyName --port2 993 --password2 MASKED --tls2 --authmech2 PLAIN

Though, both computers are listening on 143 and 993. I always assumed that
I needed for 993 for imaps and 143 for tls/ssl, so I was always wondering
why tls/ssl did work on 993 with for example mutt, my mail client.
Therefore I assumed that the ports 143 and 993 were equal for the
cyrus-imap server side. Actually, now I'm thinking about it, I never forced
the cyrus-imap server to respond to encrypted connections only. I hope and
think that the server will refuse unencrypted connections for the authmech1

Are the responses to connection requests on port 143 different from port
993 for cyrus-imapd? Are plain passwords allowed over unencrypted

On Tue, Dec 09, 2014 at 02:23:04PM -0600, Patrick Goetz wrote:
> On 12/09/2014 09:03 AM, Willy Offermans wrote:
> >> Now I want to restore the data of user.$USER on a different server.
> >>
> >> How should I proceed?
> To move a single user to a new server, in the past I've used imapsync to 
> good effect (
>    imapsync --host1 my_old_server --authmech1 LOGIN --user1 pgoetz 
> --password1 xxxxx --host2 my_new_server --authmech2 PLAIN --user2 pgg 
> --password2 xxxxx
> In terms of a general backup scheme, since I have no idea how to set up 
> a replication server, I've been toying with using imapsync for general 
> backups to another (otherwise unused) imap server.  I think the only way 
> to do this for the entire mail store is to create a cyrus-backup user 
> that has read access to all folders on the primary server and read/write 
> access to the backup mail server.  However, I haven't tested this and 
> don't know if this will work properly.  Also, as suggested by Marcus 
> Schopen, this is liable to be quite slow, as each user has be to synced 
> individually AFAIK.
> (I'm pretty sure the last time I used imapsync it was free, but the 
> author appears to now be selling it.)
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