restore from cyrdump

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Tue Dec 16 18:22:31 EST 2014

On Tue, 16 Dec 2014, Patrick Goetz wrote:

> On 12/16/2014 01:42 PM, Andrew Morgan wrote:
>> I forgot about one additional thing we do - we dump the mailboxes.db to
>> a flat file once an hour via cron.  That would allow us to (mostly)
>> recover from a corrupted mailboxes.db file.  Just like a full restore,
>> we would need to run a reconstruct on every mailbox, I think.
> I thought the whole point of reconstruct was to rebuild mailboxes.db,
> but then I took another look at the reconstruct man page and noticed:
>          Rebuild the mailboxes file. Use whatever data in the
>          existing  mailboxes file it can scavenge, then scans
>          all partitions listed in the imapd.conf(5) file for
>          additional mailboxes.
> now it's no longer clear to me what reconstruct does.  I guess rebuild
> the {configdir}/user/<prefix>/<username>/cyrus.* files?

Yes, and add newly found mailboxes to mailboxes.db.


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