saslauthd question

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu Dec 11 15:16:07 EST 2014

> On 12/11/2014 12:45 PM, Andrew Morgan wrote:
>> I only have PAM files for "imap", "lmtp", and "sieve"
>> although I have other service names for some of them.
> I don't understand why you have PAM files for lmtp and sieve, but most
> particularly lmtp.  lmtpd is just a local daemon that transfers stuff
> from your smtp server to cyrus.  Are you running cyrus and smtpd on
> different servers?  If so, what does the PAM lmtp configuration look like?

If you do lmtp over the network, you may want to authenticate who can
deliver mails. Otherwise you can just use "lmtpd -a" if the environment is
considered secure.

> I don't know anything about sieve, but thought the filters where all
> internal, too; hence not in need of authentication.

Sieve rules have to be managed per user, and therefore you need
authentication. The server itself doesn't need to auth anything to run the


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