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Willy Offermans Willy at
Tue Dec 9 10:03:27 EST 2014

Hello Cyrus Friends,

On Sun, Dec 07, 2014 at 01:01:52PM +0100, Willy Offermans wrote:
> Dear Cyrus friends,
> I want to simulate a possible crash of the company's mail server.
> At the moment the server works smoothly, but you never know... It is best
> to be prepared for it and to have possibilities to restore critical data.
> E-mail info was appointed to be one of the critical data.
> So I picked one user and cyrdump his data into a file.
> ``cyrdump -v user.$USER > /tmp/$USER.dump''
> If I make a quick scan of the file, it looks like a dump of mails of the
> user. Moreover, there is flag info per mail subfolder. There is info about 
> subfolders and there is info about the mail IDs in each subfolder.
> Summarized, there is all the info needed to reconstruct the user's
> mailfolder and mails.
> I created the mailbox lists
> su - cyrus -c "ctl_mboxlist -d" > /tmp/mailboxes.txt
> Now I want to restore the data of user.$USER on a different server.
> How should I proceed? I might write a script to reconstruct the data from
> the $USER.dump file, but I guess there is already a tool to do so. However
> I'm not aware of such tool and moreover I cannot find any info on
> concerning this. Can someone help me out?
> To my opinion, the restore procedure should be well documented.
> -- 

Is there nobody with a good suggestion?

Met vriendelijke groeten,
With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
De jrus wah,


 W.K. Offermans

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