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Sébastien Michel sebastien.michel at
Fri Sep 20 04:41:12 EDT 2013

Could you provide an extract of the strace output for one process that
fails ?

Use -D setting in cyrus.conf and add following line in imapd.conf :
debug_command: /usr/bin/strace -tt -s 200 -o /tmp/strace.cyrus.%s.%d -p
%2$d <&- 2>&1 &

2013/9/12 Rudolf Gabler <rug at>

> Hi,
> I examined my mysql problem a little more and got the following:
> the following log (2) shows, I preforked 7 imapd -s childs (by
> /etc/cyrus.conf) and while one of the processes still reads from the local
> mysql server (see process 32711), newly forked imapd childs are loosing
> this ability (see process 9881). From this time on nearly all newly created
> childs can't connect to the mysql server (even then when the "good ones" =
> 32711 are terminated).
> In a very rapid process ( because childs with connection errors are
> terminated see log 1) new childs are forked and forked (in my case 1
> fork/second the next 2 minutes - as well imaps as https processes) until
> without restarting the master process some childs are forked, which are
> again able to connect to the mysql server. But the forking process goes on
> and tries to reach the number of preforked childs. This fills the logs
> because only any then and now a "good" process is created.
> But only if I restart the master any child is working. The default max
> connection limit is set to the default (150) for the mysql server. This is
> still a testing environment with only one user connected by one open mailer.
> Many regards,
> Rudi Gabler
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