Sieve based a day of week

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at
Wed Sep 18 14:20:07 EDT 2013

Am 13.03.2013 15:04, schrieb André Schild:
> Hello,
> we have a customer where they have two persons working each 4 days a week.
> On friday in the email of User1 there should be a auto answer for friday
> On Monday in the mail of User2, there should be a auto answer for monday
> I think this should be possible when RFC 5260 is implemented,
> but according to this, we don't have it yet.
> Is there another way I could activate/deactivate the auto answers
> on day-per-week automatically ?

I also need that ... any answer found yet?

AFAI googled the "date" extension would be able to do that ... but I
don't have that in my gentoo installation.


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