Force removal on mupdate server

Wesley Craig wes at
Mon Oct 21 11:56:41 EDT 2013

On 18 Oct 2013, at 12:13, Fabio S. Schmidt <fabio at> wrote:
> I'm having inconsistent with a backend server and Mupdate master, the mailboxes are listed in the mupdate server but they were erased on the Backedn. When I try to re-create the mailbox on the backend the Mupdate server prevents the operation.
> How can I force the removal of mailboxes on the Mupdate  to create again?


	ctl_mboxlist -wami

on the backend in question.  This won't change anything (-w is warn only), but will tell you what it would do.  -a means that the backend is "authoritative", i.e., if mailboxes.db doesn't contain the mailbox, it will remove the mailbox from the mupdate master.  See the man page for the other options.  The only real downside of this method is that if there's a large and incorrect disparity between the backends and the mupdate master, this command (once you remove the -w) will propagate the disparity to the mupdate master.


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