cyrus-imapd-2.4.17-caldav-beta4 released

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Tue May 21 04:49:38 EDT 2013

Hi Ken,

--On 17. Mai 2013 09:08:56 -0400 Ken Murchison <murch at> wrote:

> We are pleased to announce the fourth beta release of Cyrus IMAP with
> integrated calendaring and contacts (beta3 was an internal release only).
> This is a security and bug fix release, with only one new feature added.
> Sites that are using or testing any of the HTTP-based services are urged
> to upgrade to this release.
> This code is based on the stable Cyrus 2.4.17 release with support for
> CalDAV, CardDAV and RSS added.  All of the standard Cyrus IMAP daemons
> and utilities should be considered production quality in this release,
> but the HTTP support (CalDAV, CardDAV and RSS) is in beta status.
> You can download via HTTP or FTP:
> Installation documentation will be found in doc/install-http.html in the
> distribution.
> Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to any and all
> feedback.

I have successfully installed and tested this version on a test VM. I'm 
considering a limited test on our production server. There we run 2.4.17 
built using Simon Matter's RPM. I wasn't able to adapt the SPEC file to use 
the caldav-beta tgz, so I compiled manually using the same configure 
parameters that Simon uses. Now I wonder if it would be considered safe to 
manually install just the httpd binary and to use it alongside the ones 
provided by the RPM?

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