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Mon Jun 24 13:52:44 EDT 2013

On 2013-06-22 06:53, Marc Fournier wrote:
> Hi …
>    I've been using cyrus-imapd forever now … at least since '98 … one
> of the things that has always seemed lacking, and after searching
> Google the past couple of days, still seems to be either lacking, or
> well hidden, is a *good* web based administrative interface …

As far as I am aware, there's no publicly available / Free Software web 
administration panel for Cyrus IMAP specifically.

As with many other setups you could find elsewhere or build yourself, a 
web administration panel is an intricate part of any solution that 
attempts to (or actually does) give you the full experience - as part of 
Kolab Groupware[1] for example (which certainly at this moment is very 
much LDAP oriented) we ship a web admin interface[2] that interfaces 
with LDAP, and not IMAP.

We make the rest of the groupware deployment speak LDAP as well, 
including a daemon[3] that synchronizes the changes one makes in LDAP to 
Cyrus IMAP (and vice-versa if necessary), such as mailbox creation, 
deletion, renames and transfers. The suite of which the daemon is a part 
contains a lot more, but I reckon that's out of scope for the OT.

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