Trouble with sieve

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Jun 5 10:11:11 EDT 2013

On 06/04/13 17:11 -0600, Jason Bailey wrote:
>I have a CentOS 6 mail system running Cyrus version 2.3.16, which is
>configured to use virtual domains. Sieve is enabled, and indeed runs for
>some mailboxes, but not for others. I'm struggling to find a solution.
>Case in point. I have a script that is supposed to file incoming
>messages into specific sub-folders. The problem is, it doesn't do
>anything (script doesn't seem to execute). Messages simply arrive in the
>root of the inbox. I'm puzzled because I have used this very same script
>for years.
>Message sources show that the X-Sieve header is set and is reporting CMU
>Sieve 2.3. The server also shows sieve listening on port 4190. Scripts
>uploaded with sieveshell are copied and installed without error.
>I looked at my mail log, but it isn't telling me much. The only Cyrus
>related error I can find is one about "duplicate_mark". There isn't much
>there about Sieve besides logins.
>I ran sivtest and all seems good there. I'm not sure what to look for.
>Any ideas? Help is appreciated.

Did you activate the uploaded script? Was the script successfully compiled
to bytecode?

Dan White

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