Reverting failover

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On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 10:45:03AM +0200, Sven Schwedas wrote:
> If I understand correctly, failover is simply done by pointing clients
> to the replica (e.g. moving public IP)?

More or less. You'll also have to make sure sync_server is no longer running on
the replica but all the other relevant services are, so that users can connect.

> We can assume that only one server is ever accessed by clients (both
> IMAP and SMTP/LMTP), they only have access to the public IP, which is
> switched over manually.

Ok. But as an added security measure, you should still make sure that the
sync_server isn't running on the replica-as-master. (And sync_client shouldn't
be running on the original master.)

> How do I then migrate the data over to the master once it's running again?
>  • Is master-master replication possible in this case?

I gather it is only supported in the forthcoming 2.5 release.

>  • If not, how do I move the data back to the master? Shut down the
>     replica and rsync the spool back to the master?

You could do that, I guess, but that would result in quite a downtime. We
simply run the master as the replica for a while (sync_server
running on the original master and sync_client on the original replica), force
a sync to all users and shared folders and then switch the IPs back.

(To be more exact, each 'role change' (switching of master/replica roles and
reverting to original) consists of 1) force syncronisation 2) shut down current
master 3) manually run any remaining synclogs 4) shut down current replica 5)
change ip 6) start master services in what used to be replica 7) make sure
everything appears to be ok 8) start sync_server in what used to be master)

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