Virtual Domains or not

Marc Patermann hans.moser at
Tue Apr 16 03:51:03 EDT 2013


Valentin Bud schrieb (16.04.2013 08:19 Uhr):

> I am trying to figure out what would be a "best practice" when one has a 
> couple
> of domains on which it receives mail to and from which it sends mail from.
> For example I have the following domains:
> I have a user 'valentin' which has the following E-Mail addresses:
>      valentin at
>      valentin at
> The users are authenticated from OpenLDAP and the mail attribute is set to
> valentin at The mailAlternateAddress is set to 
> valentin at
Do you know mail is a multi valued attribute and - if there are no 
external circumstances - you do not need an extra attribute for a second 
mail address?

> I plan to use the Lachman LDAP Mail Routing Draft [1] and schema.
> Should I create in Cyrus IMAP two virtual domains and a 'valentin' user 
> for each
> of this domains or would it be better to create a user 'valentin' where 
> to post
> the E-Mail messages I receive on both domains?
This truly depends on what YOU want or need.
If YOU only need one inbox then go that way.

> Then the MUAs could be configured with multiple identities and have only 
> one
> mailbox.
For my private mail I do so. I have different domains, but want it in my 
only inbox.
So my domains are virtual _in Postfix_ not in IMAPd.
If you have an object with something like

mail: valentin at
mail: valentin at
mail: foo at
maildrop: valentin

Postfix can send mail for all addresses (mail) included in the object to 
the user valentin (maildrop) in IMAPd. Simple as that.

> What are the gotchas if I choose to go one way or the other? And do you 
> think
> that [1] is 'stable' enough to be used?
> [1]:


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