Cannot see entries in folders when using MS Outlook 2013

Ulrich Jakobus u.jakobus at
Mon Apr 15 03:56:57 EDT 2013

Thanks, Janne, but this is not the problem (we have set these XLIST based on
this blog, but this affects only the names and usage of special folders).

The problem is rather that I cannot see any e-mails in any folders (i.e.
special folders but also any other folders) on the server and local e-mails
(when manually copying in there) are not copied back from client to server
when using Outlook 2013 and Cyrus 2.4.9, it works fine with Outlook 2010 and
Cyrus 2.4.9 and Outlook 2013 also worked fine with our previous version of
Cyrus 2.2.13.


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Could it be this?

(first hit with googling "cyrus outlook 2013"...)


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