MIgrating 2.3.16 spool to 2.4.16 : reconstruct (sometimes) changes ACL to old 2.2 value.

Eric Luyten Eric.Luyten at vub.ac.be
Mon Jun 25 12:21:10 EDT 2012


I copied part of our 2.3 production mail spool to a 2.4 test environment.

When running 'reconstruct -r' on a subset of those test data, I noticed a
number of mailbox ACLs being changed from 'lrswipkxtecda' to 'lrswipcda',
the latter being the Cyrus 2.2 default. We started creating mailboxes in
Cyrus 2.2 and some mailboxes still have that ACL applied.

So I thought ... must be cases where the ACL stored in the cyrus.header
file diverges from the ACL stored in the mailboxes.db, but (used 'mbexamine'
on the production server to inspect the Cyrus metadata indexes) this was
not the case.

The code responsible for this can be found in imap/mailbox.c, lines 3553-3574

Clues ?

Eric Luyten, Computing Centre VUB/ULB.

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