setting acl on autocreate folders

James B. Byrne byrnejb at
Thu Jun 21 12:38:55 EDT 2012


My question is:  Is there a mechanism to automatically assign a
default acl to a specific mailbox upon creation?  I found the
configuration option defaultacl but, this states that it is
specifically used by mailboxes OTHER than users.

The reason this feature is desired is that presently there seems no
way to stop cyrus-master from directory recursion when this command is

  cleanup_delivery cmd="ipurge -X -d 183 -f *" at=0414

Because of this we adopted the convention of delivering messages to
user/mailbox/delivery using the smtp mailbox+delivery scheme.  This
allows us to prune what are effectively INBOX messages over a certain
age without trashing the contents of our users' archives folders.

  cleanup_delivery cmd="ipurge -X -d 183 -f *.delivery" at=0414

To handle this setup we have these lines in /etc/imapd.conf

autocreateinboxfolders: delivery|Drafts|Intray|Sent|Spamyes|Spamno|Trash

Our difficulty arises from the requirement that the
folder must have the acl "anyone:p" in order to permit direct delivery
of addresses using the plus + addressing scheme.  This requires
manually setting that acl on every new users' delivery folder, which
effectively eliminates the labour efficiency gained through the folder
auto create commands.

Ideally, we would like to be able to set the acl "anyone:p" on a
specific folder: user/mailbox/delivery.

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