Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Tue Jun 19 10:28:04 EDT 2012

On 06/19/12 15:37 +0200, Marc Patermann wrote:
>my servers are configured to use mailboxes without realm or domain, like
>user.jdoe for user jdoe, where his mail address is like
>john.doe at example.com.
>Authentication is against LDAP, where the mail adress is in the
>attribute mail and an attribute maildrop stores
>jdoe at imapserver.example.com which points to the IMAPd server used and
>his mail user name/mailbox.
>This works fine.
>Now we try to integrate SOGo. SOGo uses LDAP too and gets the IMAP user
>name from LDAP, where is only the attribute maildrop with the "domain
>part" appended to the username.
>May 27 11:16:22 mailserver imap[8581]: badlogin: client []
>plaintext jdoe at imapserver.example.com SASL(-13): authentication failure:
>cross-realm login jdoe at imapserver.example.com denied
>The hint on the SOGo list was to use "loginrealm" with
>With this jdoe can authenticate against my IMAPd server, but it does not
>find a maildox, because it looks for jdoe at imapserver.example.com /
>user.jdoe at imapserver.example.com and not for jdoe / user.jdoe.
>Is there any way to get around this with IMAPd?

Try setting:

defaultdomain: imapserver.example.com

Dan White

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