cyrus imap and high avaibility solutions for 5000 emails

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>  Good afternoon,
>    I've some questions about some expericiencies or recommendations for
> HA solutions for cyrus imap.
>    We've about 3000 emails, now on HP DL380G7, data for "/var/spool/imap"
> (including "config directory) is provided by HP EVA over two HBA SAN
> cards. I want to make a HA solution. My idea is:
>    drive provided by san storage will be used for drbd device, so it
> could be used on a secondary server. Solution will be active/pasive, I'll
> start secondary server only when I wanna to update primary server or
> reboot it. Operating system - SLES11SP2
>    Do you've some experiencies with this? How do you share user's
> "/var/spool/imap" between servers?

we use Red Hat cluster suite instead, but the principles are the same:


We have roughly 50,000 accounts with about 7 TB of storage.

Cheers, Sebastian
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