cyrus imap and high avaibility solutions for 5000 emails

Josef Karliak karliak at
Fri Jul 27 09:16:37 EDT 2012

   Good afternoon,
   I've some questions about some expericiencies or recommendations  
for HA solutions for cyrus imap.
   We've about 3000 emails, now on HP DL380G7, data for  
"/var/spool/imap" (including "config directory) is provided by HP EVA  
over two HBA SAN cards. I want to make a HA solution. My idea is:
   drive provided by san storage will be used for drbd device, so it  
could be used on a secondary server. Solution will be active/pasive,  
I'll start secondary server only when I wanna to update primary server  
or reboot it. Operating system - SLES11SP2

   Do you've some experiencies with this? How do you share user's  
"/var/spool/imap" between servers?
   Thanks for your time and advices
   Best regards

   P.S. On my own small mail server with cyrus I'm using drbd for  
sharing data of imap, apache2 and mysql between two servers, so far so  
good, but a few users and 5000 users is different i suppose :)

Ma domena pouziva zabezpeceni a kontrolu SPF ( a
DomainKeys/DKIM (with ADSP) . Pokud mate problemy s dorucenim emailu,
zacnete pouzivat metody overeni puvody emailu zminene vyse. Dekuji.
My domain use SPF ( and DomainKeys/DKIM (with ADSP)
policy and check. If you've problem with sending emails to me, start
using email origin methods mentioned above. Thank you.

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