RFC 5464 IMAP METADATA Extension Errata

kael ka-el at laposte.net
Wed Jul 25 14:14:38 EDT 2012


Two errata were published for RFC 5464 
<http://www.rfc-editor.org/errata_search.php?rfc=5464>, and apparently 
Cyrus implementation of the METADATA extension is buggy in the regard to 
these errata.

- ErratumID 2785 :

a GETMETADATA (MAXSIZE 1024) "INBOX" (/shared/comment /private/comment)
a BAD missing value to metadata option

- ErratumID 2786 :

a GETMETADATA (DEPTH 1) "INBOX" (/private/filters/values)
a BAD Missing annotation attribute

If these bugs are confirmed, it'd be great to have them fixed before 
this extension is widely adopted (there are lots of potential, imo), 
otherwise client implementations might be based on the current Cyrus 
version which is the de facto normative implementation, and the examples 
from the RFC would overrule the ABNF.


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