How to get rid of reserved mailboxes?

Dan White dwhite at
Fri Dec 21 09:50:26 EST 2012

On 12/21/12 12:00 +0100, Frank Richter wrote:
>over the last days I've upgraded our cyrus-imapd murder (2 frontends, 
>5 backends) from 2.3.16 to 2.4.17.
>With the help of the experience of many list members it wasn't  
>"painful" here - I've got one new backend with 2.4, moved mailboxes 
>from one 2.3 server to this, upgraded the now mostly "empty" 2.3 to 
>2.4, and so on. Now it works on 2.4 smoothly - many thanks to all of 
>In this process we've got one "reserved mailbox" in a backend's mailboxes.db:
>   2 j xyz        lrswipkxtecda
>mupdate master:
>   1!j xyz   lrswipkxtecda
>How to get rid of this
>I tried ctl_cyrusdb -r  - no success

You can delete the mailbox on the backend (and if necessary on the
mupdate) with cyr_dbtool. 

Dan White

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