Fwd: Too many entries of mystore: reusing txn....

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Wed Dec 12 12:23:58 EST 2012

On Wed, 12 Dec 2012, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

> On Sun, 2012-12-09 at 10:49 +0530, Anant Athavale wrote:
>> As you say, the imap DEBUG logs are coming to maillog.  RHEL 6.3 ships
>> with Rsyslogd and also it looks like cyrus-imapd is compiled to use
>> MAIL_LOG facility.  (I tried local6.info /var/log/imapd.log. but it
>> did log anything in imapd.log ).
>> I am attaching rsyslog.conf (Not modified).  What I ultimately want is
>> 'maillog should not contain imap logs.  And imapd.log should contain
>> all logs related to cyrus/imapd with only info level logs.  '
>> As I could not achieve it in short span of time, I have released the
>> system, but, would like to do that in near future.  Any pointers to
>> achieve?
> Yes.  Give up on syslog.  Seriously.  The model provided by syslog is
> very simplistic and kludgy.  Just use syslog as a transport to get
> messages into an NMS, and sort, categorize, and record them there.
> We send all our syslog messages to ZenOSS.  There syslog messages can be
> mapped into categories, prioritized [and discarded], recorded, viewed,
> and generate notifications.  And you get a user interface to do it all
> in, and a coherent way to backup/restore all your machinations.
> Syslog messages from imapd have a tag of imapd, and messages from
> postfix have a tag of postfix, which is almost invisible in syslog
> itself.  So you have the host of origin, the tag, the facility, and the
> level [and the text of the message] all to work with to categorize [and
> potentially discard] any way you want.
> Obviously you want to discard DEBUG messages as the syslog level - that
> is just too much noise for anything.  But a decent host for you NMS can
> handle a surprising load of messages.

Just to add another thought here...  You could use syslog-ng instead of 
rsyslog.  Syslog-ng has more advanced filtering capabilities than rsyslog, 
and you can probably just drop-in replace rsyslog with syslog-ng. 
However, I would not discourage you from looking at ZenOSS too.  Syslog-ng 
might be less work to implement if you do not need ZenOSS features.


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