Injecting a mail folder into a users inbox/restore from backup

Michael Neumann Michael.Neumann at
Wed Dec 12 00:48:27 EST 2012

Am 05.12.2012 15:19, schrieb John Wade:
> We typically create a subfolder of the user's mailbox via cyradm or IMAP 
> commands, restore the files from the backup into this subdirectory and 
> run reconstruct.
> Requires no thought.   Have used this far less since the delayed expunge 
> was introduced.


delayed expunge sounds interesting to me, so far we used reconstruct to
recover deleted mail from our backups. So i need the option expunge_mode
set to delayed. Do i also need to set the option delete_mode to delayed?
Most restore operations we have to do are about whole folders that have
been deleted.

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