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> On 12/07/12 14:10 +0530, anant at wrote:
>> I was earlier running cyrus-imap on a RHEL 5.3 system having
>> cyrus-imap version 2.3.7.
>> I moved to a new system with RHEL 6.3 system having cyrus-imap  
>> version 2.3.16.
>> I just did rsync of mailboxes, quota, sieve scripts ie.
>> /var/spool/imap and /var/lib/imap from one system to other and started
>> the cyrus-imap.
>> Everything was going smoothly.  From today morning, I found some
>> segfaults for imap like
>> Dec  7 10:20:42 isacmail kernel: imapd[12917]: segfault at 0 ip
>> 00007f99993dd994 sp 00007fffa7378be0 error 4 in
> Look at your auth facility syslog output to see if these can be tied to a
> particular user/mailbox.
> See this thread for a similar discussion recently:
>> plenty of them, but right now they are not coming.  Before this,
>> cyrus-imapd was not stopping cleanly and based on some suggestions on
>> mailing list, I removed deliver.db and db/* and I restarted the
>> cyrus-imapd service.  I did several times after that, stopping and
>> starting, and everytime was stopping and starting properly.  So,
>> released it to the users.
>> But, in between segfaults are worrying me.
>> As there is a version difference, it looks like I need to rebuild the
>> databases/mailboxes once.
> -- 
> Dan White

Dear Dan White,

Thanks for your inputs.  As per the thread link you mentioned, it  
looks like corruption in mailboxes.db.  I plan to start the process  
given in next 4 hours time with a downtime  
(README.HOWTO-recover-mailboxes.db).  This is going to take a huge  
amount of time.  I have done it before some few years back, when I had  
to move mailboxes to another storage.  But, this time, I did not do,  
since, I thought 2.3.7 and 2.3.16 are same level versions and hence  
may not be required.

If I can get any other alternative option from you within next 4  
hours, then I can think of that solution.  Otherwise, I am going ahead  
with downtime and run the procedure documented in  
README.HOWTO-recover-mailboxes.db.  Any other advise from experts is  

Thanks in advance.


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