IMAP on NFS still unusable?

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Fri Oct 28 03:42:26 EDT 2011

Though, I noticed that NFS client on Linux is much less performant than my old beloved Solaris10.
That's why I'm moving to OpenIndiana, I will check if I will get the same as Solaris 10, probably
BSD unixes have better NFS than Linux.
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Data: 28 ottobre 2011 9.14.30 CEST
Oggetto: Re: IMAP on NFS still unusable?
Al 24/10/11 15:20, En/na Gabriele Bulfon ha escrit:
I read all around the web that is not safe to run Cyrus imap over NFS, but
these posts are old,
so I was wandering if something changed with new releases of Cyrus and/or NFS.
Hi. I am also interested in a NFS backend. I don't want to share
the NFS partition among servers, so locking should not be an issue.
I found this FAQ, it is old:
Actually, I have a Solaris based Cyrus 2.3.16 that happily runs its spool over
NFS, and it's even
quite fast.
I do have a cyrus-2.2 with the mail spool in NFS but the /var/lib/cyrus
in local drive. It runs fine so long. It is even faster than iSCSI in
my hardware.
Now, I'm trying with a Linux and Cyrus 2.4.12. Here it looks unstable,
sometime fast, sometime like locked.
I guess you already found it, but did you see this thread ?
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