imapd 2.4.12 hangs SOLVED bug in configure?

Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at
Mon Oct 24 04:44:08 EDT 2011

Problem solved: the imap daemon forking from master, was looking for the imapd.conf
in the wrong place, and died unexpectedly.
My configure specifies --prefix=/sonicle, and any cyrus daemon usually looks at /sonicle/etc
Looks like last 4-5 source distros do not get the default of PREFIX/etc, so I had to force it
through --sysconfdir=/sonicle/etc
Da: Simon Matter
A: Gabriele Bulfon
Cc: info-cyrus at
Data: 24 ottobre 2011 9.28.38 CEST
Oggetto: Re: imapd 2.4.12 hangs
I see, and I remember reading about it.
But, what will happen if I "make install" a skiplist version onto an older
BDB deployment
with running users? Will I need to run a reconstruct? Will I need to get
rid of older bdb files
manually? Also, do you think I will find any benefits by using skiplist on
NFS instead of BDB?
Sorry, I can't help you here as we only do packaging on build hosts and
then install resulting RPMs on production systems.
What I'm sure is that you have to convert away from BDB before installing
new binaries, because they won't do anything with any BDB file.
I have never used NFS in this case.
Inviato da iPad
Il giorno 21/ott/2011, alle ore 14:07, "Simon Matter"
ha scritto:
Well, I've been using BDB for years on Cyrus.
Now I'm rebuilding a new distribution with the latest Cyrus, and I just
went on with the same
How do I get rid of BDB? What will it use instead?
skiplist, most databases default to skiplist anyway. Those which still
default to BDB can be configured to use skiplist instead. Works fine for
me and many others.
Of course, I don't say your problems have to do with BDB, it's just
Da: Simon Matter
A: Gabriele Bulfon
Cc: info-cyrus at
Data: 21 ottobre 2011 12.17.33 CEST
Oggetto: Re: imapd 2.4.12 hangs
Hi, I'm still having trouble running 2.4.12, once started, if I connect
port 143, I never
get the hello response, and the launched imapd goes in a loop.
These is the output of ldd against master, maybe some libraries are bad
Do you build yourself? If so, do you really need BDB? I not, then you
want to build without BDB just to make sure to get rid of a possible
source of problems.
Simon =(0x009ff000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00a81000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00923000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00b76000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x004a3000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00cc8000) =/lib/ (0x00a2e000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00300000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00110000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x004a6000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00257000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00cdf000) =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00277000) =/lib/ (0x00655000) =/lib/ (0x0028f000) =/lib/ (0x00294000)
/lib/ (0x00421000)
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