Database truncation on ENOSPC (was: Re: Cyrus imap server and filesystem type.)

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Tue Oct 4 05:05:17 EDT 2011


> Yeah, XFS has had its fair share of interesting failure modes along
> the way too - but it's not too bad with Cyrus, because Cyrus is very
> careful about fsyncs.

I use Cyrus on XFS and I've noticed that, for example, the SEEN database
can get truncated if you accidentally run out of space. I assume that
this happens on other file systems as well, but I've never tried it. In
fact, I hope to never try it on XFS again either. ;-)

I was using a Cyrus 2.2 on Debian Lenny at the time so I'm perfectly
happy to concede that this may well have been fixed a long time ago.
My databases will have been in skiplist format and I managed to recover
them by dumping and reloading with the information I found here:



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