Cyrus imap server and filesystem type.

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Tue Oct 4 04:13:17 EDT 2011

On Monday, October 03, 2011 2:09 PM, "Vincent Fox" <vbfox at> wrote:
> On 10/03/2011 12:58 PM, Josef Karliak wrote:
> >   Hi there,
> >   what filesystem type do you use for Cyrus imapd ? I use SLES11x64 
> > (or opensuse 11.4).
> >   I use Reiserfs3.6, so far so good. But couldn't be better ? :)
> ZFS, which unfortunately is not much of an option for
> you Linux folks I think.  ZFS works great with thousands
> of users, no worries about getting "inodes" or partitions
> right and snapshots make keeping weeks of recovery points
> online in the pool trivial and cheap.

Yeah, ZFS is nice.  I have one Solaris box.

> I am sad every day I work with filesystems that are less robust.

It would be lovely to have a similar filesystem for Linux.

> I have btrfs on my desktop and hope it will mature.

It did a lot early, but seems to have stagnated getting the last bit finished.  Now... btrfs is sponsored by Oracle.  And the owner of ZFS is...

... which raises the real question of just how committed they are to actually shipping a stable GPL competitor to ZFS now.  So I'm not holding my breath.

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