Cyrus imap server and filesystem type.

Eero Hänninen fax at
Tue Oct 4 03:56:25 EDT 2011


> On 10/03/2011 12:58 PM, Josef Karliak wrote:
>>   Hi there,
>>   what filesystem type do you use for Cyrus imapd ? I use SLES11x64
>> (or opensuse 11.4).
>>   I use Reiserfs3.6, so far so good. But couldn't be better ? :)

I have time to time bad experiences with ReiserFS 3.6. Soon or latter 
some data corruption happens, and if reiser becomes broken then its 
broken after repair too. May be its kernel related or my personal 
Currently our old mail infra is using xfs and ext4, and it seems work 
fine with our load. XFS needs careful tuning before it gets perform like 
on creation log size, block size etc, and on mounting increase logbufs 
to 8 (default 1). And of course don't forget increase number of inodes.

Future plan is change hardware and mail system architecture, so we move 
to ZFS (on FreeBSD) , as current stress tests shows good results on test 
servers. But lets see how it will be work with about 1.2m users real 
work load.

About Your thread, why you are asking, just for sure that you have made 
good choice or you have some kind performance problems? :)

Best Regards,

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