Cyrus imap server and filesystem type.

Pascal Gienger pascal.gienger at
Mon Oct 3 17:13:17 EDT 2011

Le 03/10/2011 23:09, Vincent Fox a écrit :
> On 10/03/2011 12:58 PM, Josef Karliak wrote:
>>    Hi there,
>>    what filesystem type do you use for Cyrus imapd ? I use SLES11x64
>> (or opensuse 11.4).
>>    I use Reiserfs3.6, so far so good. But couldn't be better ? :)
> ZFS, which unfortunately is not much of an option for
> you Linux folks I think.  ZFS works great with thousands
> of users, no worries about getting "inodes" or partitions
> right and snapshots make keeping weeks of recovery points
> online in the pool trivial and cheap

I second this.
Roughly 51,000,000 files on one (mirrored) multipathed FiberChannel SAN 
volume with no performance bottlenecks. 64 GB RAM per node, approx 40 GB 
ARC (ZFS Cache). Solaris 10u9   Kernel 147441-03   64bit x64

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