sieve and SASL

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed May 11 17:44:51 EDT 2011

On Wed, 11 May 2011, Chris Conn wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to get sieve working with a RPM distro of Cyrus I built
> using Invoca.  I believe my problem is caused by timsieved not
> advertising LOGIN or PLAIN capability and causing the client
> (horde/ingo....) to fail`;
> "IMPLEMENTATION" "Cyrus timsieved v2.4.8-Invoca-RPM-2.4.8-1.el6"
> "SASL" ""
> "SIEVE" "comparator-i;ascii-numeric fileinto reject vacation imapflags
> notify envelope relational regex subaddress copy"
> OK
> after SASL is "", which usually has;
> in other implementations I have seen.  The error I see in horde/ingo is;
> There was an error activating the script. The driver said: No supported
> authentication method found. The server supports these methods: , but we
> I note that horde/ingo seems to not see any useable authentication
> methods and therefore fails.
> Is there something I forgot to set somewhere to allow sieve to use PLAIN
> or LOGIN?

Somewhere during the 2.3.x releases, the default value of allowplaintext 
changed from 1 to 0.  With allowplaintext:0, you need to make an encrypted 
connection before Cyrus will advertise the PLAIN method.  You can set this 
specifically for the sieve service by adding the following to imapd.conf:

sieve_allowplaintext: 1

You can test this interactively using the sivtest program, which can talk 


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