login uid doesn't match mailbox name

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Thu Mar 3 22:28:28 EST 2011

On 03/03/11 15:28 -0800, Stephen Ingram wrote:
>Is it possible to login to cyrus-imap with a uid that doesn't match
>the mailbox name? I'm trying to use the virtual domains setup where
>mailbox names would be full email addresses, however, some of the
>users need to use kerberos for login so they would have uid of say
>user at REALM.COM where realm.com would not necessarily match their email
>domain. I see that there is /etc/krb.equiv file that can be used to
>equate kerberos uid to local unix user. Would this also work for
>mailbox name?

I don't know. A quick look through the source would lead me to believe the
/etc/krb.equiv file doesn't work with kerberos5/gssapi, but was written for

Another way to accomplish username mapping is with a libsasl user
canonicalization plugin, which would allow you to arbitrarily match
usernames to mailboxes. There are two such plugins: ldapdb (in 2.1.24rc1)
and sql (cyrus bugzilla bug 3219).

Dan White

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