All user's mail marked as junk

Tom Plancon tplancon at
Wed Mar 2 13:18:16 EST 2011

We have one user for whom all incoming mail is immediately marked as 
junk. This is happening no matter which email client she uses: 
Thunderbird, eGroupware (web interface). So I'm assuming it is not the 
function of a filter applied at the client, but rather on the server.
this is an older installation of Cyrus, (2.2.12) on CentOS. This is the 
first issue I've seen as a server problem in the 5+ years it has been in 
I've done a reconstruct on the user's Inbox but it made no difference
Any help as to what is going on/ how to correct is appreciated. Thanks!
Thomas E. Plancon
CAD/IS Manager

B K A Architects, Inc.
142 Crescent Street
Brockton, MA 02302

tel: 508 . 583 . 5603 ext 313
fax: 508 . 584 . 2914 <>
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