squatter stops when it encounters a locked mailbox?

Clement Hermann (nodens) nodens2099 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 17:34:28 EDT 2011

Le 21/06/2011 18:28, Michael D. Sofka a écrit :
> I run squatter in a perl program that forks three parallel squatter
> processes on individual user's mailboxes. If a mailbox is locked the
> particular squatter processing the mailbox quits, but the main program
> continues to fork new processes for the remaining mailboxes. The program
> checkpoints each user, shuts down at 6 A.M., and continues where it left
> off the following day.
Looks nice.

Maybe you could share this script ? I could use a squatter with some 
parallelization and a way to stop it when the load is starting to grow 
(like in the morning). I guess it could be modified to use other 
parameters to know when to stop : number of logged-in users or imap/pop 
processes, system load...


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