squatter stops when it encounters a locked mailbox?

Michael D. Sofka sofkam at rpi.edu
Tue Jun 21 12:28:00 EDT 2011

Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
> All,
> While migrating a few accounts from Exchange to Cyrus ( has nothing to 
> do with the below really) and staring at log files I noted the following
> squatter[70553]: error locking index user/xyz: Mailbox is locked by POP 
> server
> and squatter bails out without indexing the remaining mailboxes. Is this 
> expected behaviour in 2.3.16?

I run squatter in a perl program that forks three parallel squatter
processes on individual user's mailboxes. If a mailbox is locked the
particular squatter processing the mailbox quits, but the main program
continues to fork new processes for the remaining mailboxes. The program
checkpoints each user, shuts down at 6 A.M., and continues where it left
off the following day.


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