sql authentication

Simon Matter simon.matter at invoca.ch
Wed Jan 26 03:56:11 EST 2011

> Hi,
> I've been using cyrus imapd for years using saslauthd against unix
> passwd/shadow.
> This way it's easy to understand the relation between a user and its
> mailbox.
> Now I want to integrate authentication with a sql backend, forgetting
> about unix users.
> I have a postgres db containing users and passwords.
> These are actually a complete email and a password.
> I would like imapd to authenticate using my db, where login is an email.
> I've seen many ways to accomplish sql authentication, so I don't know
> which is the right one.
> At last, how do I map the complete email to a cyrus mailbox?
> For example, if a user succesfully authenticate as
> name.lastname at domain.com, how does
> cyrus translate it into a user.mailbox?


I could be wrong but I think cyrus doesn't handle this case the way you
want it. I think the @domain.com part will be stripped as configured but
you end up with name.lastname, which will also be used as mailbox name. To
do this, the usual hack seems to be to enable unixhierarchysep and then
use mailbox names in the form of user/name.lastname.

Of course, I may be completely wrong because I have never used such thing
and it's some years ago when I looked at this last time.


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