Some advantage in prefork several imapds in startup ?

Sébastien Michel sebastien.michel at
Thu Jan 20 04:38:17 EST 2011

> Why, the master start new  process and don't use  prefork  process ?
> Exist any advantage startup with several process ?
As I understand, the master uses preforked processes for new connections.
And creates new ones to maintains the pool of preforked processes as
Having a pool of 50 processes, if 4 clients connect to imapds, Cyrus will
use 4 preforked processes for the new connections and will create 4 new ones
to keep the pool to 50.
The size of the pool don't depend of the number of concurrents processes you
need but the rate of new connections per second.
You can use also the undocumented option maxforkrate in your file
to control the rate of creating new processes
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