/var/lib/imap/deliver.db: unexpected file type or format

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Mon Feb 28 14:42:08 EST 2011

Simon Matter wrote:
>> Ken Smith wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a cyrus imap server on a Centos 5 VM that's hosted. Its
>>> cyrus-imapd-2.3.7-7.el5_4.3
>>> The hosting company were doing maintenance and rebooted my VM.
> The question is what they call "doing maintenance and reboot" :)

Quite - I gather it was a memory/disk upgrade on the host
>>> {snip}
>> ctl_cyrusdb[3150]: checkpointing cyrus databases
>>> lmtpunix[3155]: DBERROR db4: /var/lib/imap/deliver.db: unexpected file
>>> type or format
>>> ctl_cyrusdb[3150]: DBERROR: error listing log files: DB_NOTFOUND: No
>>> matching key/data pair found
>> Hi Related to the above I see this log when I stop cyrus-imap
>> Converting from /var/lib/imap/deliver.db (berkeley) to
>> /var/lib/imap/deliver.db.skiplist (skiplist)
>> fatal error: can't open old database
>> Converting from /var/lib/imap/tls_sessions.db (berkeley) to
>> /var/lib/imap/tls_sessions.db.skiplist (skiplist)
>> ERROR: unable to convert /var/lib/imap/tls_sessions.db from berkeley to
>> skiplist
>> The stop script runs
>>    /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/cvt_cyrusdb_all export
>> during the stop process
>> I've checked the permissions, they seem OK
> Well, it really seems like some DB's are broken. If you are not afraid I
> suggest to do the following:
> service cyrus-imapd stop
> rm /var/lib/imap/tls_sessions.db*
> rm /var/lib/imap/deliver.db*
> rm /var/lib/imap/db/*
> service cyrus-imapd start
> tls_sessions and deliver are not really important and will be recreated.
> Regards,
> Simon
Thanks Simon, after I sent that message I renamed the two files as an 
experiment and it seems to start/stop OK now. As you say it has 
re-created them.

:-) Ken

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