LMTP bounces with invalid chars in MAIL FROM adress

Simon Matter simon.matter at invoca.ch
Tue Feb 15 03:51:55 EST 2011

> On Mon, 14 Feb 2011, Simon Matter wrote:
>> The problem is that those messages really have invalid from adresses,
>> like
>> "RosaSánchez at something.com", but Postfix still accepts them. Later,
>> Cyrus
>> runs parseaddr() on it ans correctly refuses to accept the mail.
> Yeah, postfix really should reject that crap.  Do you know which MUA is
> producing this braindamage?

I think those mails are mainly spam, so the MUA is some kind of spam tool
I guess.

>> Now, I'm interested to hear how others handle this case, if possible how
>> they handle it with postfix. I know that enabling
>> strict_rfc821_envelopes
>> would possibly help but that seem to be a bad idea.
> The problem with strict_rfc821_envelopes is that it also requires one to
> actually speak rfc2821, so "MAIL FROM: whomever at example.com" would cause a
> rejection.
> There is the heavy-handed "smtpd_command_filter", though. It is certainly
> capable of doing what you need.

My first idea was to use header_checks to check the From: Reply-To: and
Return-Path: headers but you are right, that's not enough. I'm still
wondering why those messages go through.

Maybe I care too much :)


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