Recommended ways to test Sieve scripts

Michael Sims michaels at
Mon Feb 14 19:05:38 EST 2011


I'm running Cyrus 2.3.16 (Simon Matter's RPM's -- thanks!) and Horde
3.3.11/IMP H3 (4.3.9)/Ingo H3 (1.2.5) and running into a problem with the
way Ingo is generating vacation rules.  It is using a regex rule to try and
match Received headers and I believe the regex doesn't fit what our sendmail
installations are generating.

I'm trying to find an easier way to test this than altering a live script
for a user and passing mail through the system to see if I get a vacation
response.  I had been using the Sieve tester here:

But apparently the parser is not sophisticated enough to handle the complex
regex that Ingo is producing.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an easier way to test this?  Perhaps a
command line sieve tester that is able to run a given script on a given
email and report what action it would take?

My apologies if this has been covered on the list; I did search the archives
but my search-fu may be too weak.

Thanks in advance...


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