2.3's future?

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Fri Feb 11 09:15:32 EST 2011

Jukka Huhta wrote:
> I filed a bug 3397 (replication & partitions), also reported in
> http://www.mail-archive.com/info-cyrus@lists.andrew.cmu.edu/msg39940.html.
> What are the odds to have it fixed in 2.3 or will it just be closed
> with WONTFIX?
> If we don't count these few replication related bugs, 2.3 appears to
> be fairly stable compared to 2.4, IMHO.  I'm still waiting for 2.4 to
> grow up a bit before upgrading our production servers, even though I
> may be overly cautious.

Our abilities right now only stretch so far; for the 2.5 series, Bron, Ken and 
Greg put in some serious effort. For the 2.4 series, is primarily me and Bron 
looking at bugs reported against 2.4, which we will first atempt to solve in 
2.5, porting them back as necessary/possible, with lots of help from Bron 

That said, 2.3 at this point is not getting an awful lot of attention. It's 
leaning towards maintenance mode, if you will, and no further developments are 
likely to take place. I'd say 2.4 is leaning towards stable, as fewer and 
fewer (serious) bug reports are being reported against it.

If you have a special interest in 2.3 (and I know some people who have), 
please do feel free to contribute your efforts, they are most welcome!

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